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DUB Premium

The leading online matching platform for strategic business M&A deals.

Get your perfect match!







M&A par excellence

Are you an investor looking for a strategic corporate acquisition? Or do you as an owner have your own deals that are just waiting to be discovered by the best investors? Both is possible on DUB-Premium, because the exclusive online matching platform forms the digital link between the buyside and the sellside. The fundamental goal is to exclusively connect suitable platform participants, so that in the end it is called: That‘s a perfect match!


What you are looking for.

The search criteria of the platform participants form the starting point and our matching algorithm ensures that only the most relevant search requests are connected.


What's important to you.

Each participant can determine the degree of anonymity at any time and, depending on the progress of the negotiations, reveal more about themselves.


With specialists.

Access to DUB-Premium is only available to selected investors, family and private equities, owner/sellers or financial service providers, all from the higher segment.